Where do I start…?  We found out on a Friday that our little one had tongue tie and were referred to Dr. Murphy by our pediatrician.  I called and was able to make an appointment that Monday for the frenotomy.

Dr. Murphy, Leilani and Ginger, all made us feel welcomed – like family – as we entered into this experience blind.  They explained everything from the procedure to the aftercare and were super encouraging as we put the baby on the breast immediately.

The amazing team of Dr. Murphy and Leilani (IBCLC) were able to get our family to be an exclusive breastfeeding family!  So grateful!

Amanda E., Huntington Beach, CA. 

Dr. Murphy and Leilani are the best! Was referred to Dr. Murphy and Leilani by lactation consultant who I was referred to by the folks at Le Leche League. So glad I found them.  We’d been supplementing with formula using SNS with a finger. LBCLC believed we had lip and tongue ties.  Saw Dr. Murphy and she was right.  She was 6 weeks old at the time of revision.  The drive from North Orange County was worth it.  They have a quiet room for breastfeeding and will encourage you to try to breastfeed right after the procedure.  They also do weighed feedings so you know how much breast milk your baby is drinking.

Dr. Murphy asked us to return several times for the next 3 weeks until he was satisfied that she had fully healed and wasn’t going to have any reattachment issues.  All followup visits were covered with the initial cost of the service.  At 9 weeks we finally got her to latch and nurse successfully.

Dr. Murphy and Leilani are quite the pair. He’s a bit old school and she’s more open to alternative healing.  As a pair from a patient perspective I got the best of both worlds.  Daughter is now breastfeeding like a champ.

They can get behind schedule often as many travel from far to see them.

Note to those allergic to dogs.  This is a dog friendly office and some of the staff members bring their pups to work.

Paula K., Los Angeles, CA. 

I can’t say enough good things about the Breastfeeding Fixers!! One of the neonatologists at Mary Birch referred us here for my son’s posterior tongue tie, and I am SO glad she did. Dr. Murphy includes all follow ups in his fee (our insurance doesn’t work with them yet) and follow up is SO important. Leilani, the most WONDERFUL lactation consultant helped us get a good latch and we have a perfect breastfeeding relationship now. Her advice and direction was calm and so helpful, I am so thankful for her and Dr Murphy!
Each visit I felt like we were the only patients they had, as they spent so much time with us. I never felt like they were watching the clock, but we never had to wait long for our appointments either. I also had some trouble with a terribly clogged duct, and Leilani worked on it with some ultrasound heat therapy and got things going again.
These guys are worth every penny, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services!

Ashley W., San Diego, CA.