Tongue & Lip Tie Release

You will receive an extensive medical history review and physical examination to determine if a tongue tie or lip tie is present and would benefit from a release by scissors. After a release is done our lactation consultant Leilani Songer will assist you and your baby to get a more comfortable and deeper latch, which usually results in a more effective milk transfer with half the energy expended by the infant with twice as much milk as previously transferred. You will then be shown and assisted in practicing effective wound care to keep the wound healing properly and quickly as possible. We schedule follow up appointments as frequently as needed for optimal wound healing and comfortable and effective nursing.


Wound Care

Check out our photo gallery to see if your child has a tongue tie:


Watch The Videos Below for Instruction on Tongue Tie Wound Care:


Breastfeeding Support

Micro Current Neurofeedback

Ultra Sound Treatment

Newborn/Adult Hearing Screening Available

Cranial Sacral Therapy

If you have plugged milk ducts and/or mastitis? Cranial Sacral Therapy is a fast and effective way to reduce pain and inflammation while clearing the blockage in the milk ducts to help increase milk flow.